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"Such great color"

IFSS 2001 World Championships

Skijor Relay Teams

  • USA Team #1 (Kriya Dunlap, Jim Herriges, Shawn Harper, Lulie Williams)
  • USA Team #2 (Mark Worcester, Cindy Salmon, Jim Lokken, Bud Rice)
  • USA Team #3 (John Thompson, Kim Wells, Mike Callahan, Kris Rasey)
  • USA Team #4 (Mike Malvick, Pam Hahler, Rocky DeMers, Nancy Taylor)
  • USA Team #5 (Alina Evans, Kirsten Ballard, George Salmon, Chris Wood)

Volunteers & others

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2001 ACS Open North American Championship

Volunteers & others

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Requesting previews of photos and composites

Want to see what we've got of you? Email Dave Partee or call (907) 455-9663. We have a variety of photos from the IFSS World Championships, the North Pole races, the Limited North American Championships, and the ACS Open North American Championship sled dog races.

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